Our Graduates

After Heritage Oak…

Heritage Oak Graduates attend a variety of local High Schools. In their Eighth Grade year, students are given additional preparation for testing into competitive high school programs. The majority of students graduating from Heritage Oak are often placed in honors classes at the school of their choice.

The following schools are a few of those chosen by recent graduates:

Troy High School Tech/IB Program—Fullerton, CA
Fairmont Private School—Anaheim, CA
Rancho Santa Margarita High School—RSM, CA
Rosary High School—Fullerton, CA
Webb High School— Claremont, CA
Servite High School—Anaheim, CA
Valencia High School IB Program—Placentia, CA
Brea-Olinda High School GITA Program—Brea, CA
Canyon High School IB Program— Anaheim, CA
Orange Lutheran High School— Orange, CA
Sunny Hills High School IB Program— Fullerton, CA
Villa Park High School— Villa Park, CA
Yorba Linda High School— Yorba Linda, CA
El Dorado High School—Placentia, CA
Esperanza High School—Anaheim, CA
The Gunnery High School— Washington, CT
The Hill High School— Pottstown, PA
Wilbraham and Monson Academy— Wilbraham, MA
Northfield Mt. Hermon High School— Mount Hermon, MA