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How do I know which grade category my child falls within?

Your child’s camp group will be based on his/her grade level in the 2020-21 school year.

Are there any credits or refunds for days that my child was sick or absent?

Unfortunately, camp activities are booked in advance based on the registrations received so we are unable to provide credits or refunds for days missed due to sickness or for any other unforeseen reason.

What should my child bring to camp each day?

Your child should wear his/her camp shirt with comfortable shorts and closed-toed shoes. If it is a water-play day, please have your child arrive in his/her swimsuit and pack additional clothing to put on after water time and a towel. Please put sunscreen on your child before camp and send it to school with your child if it needs to be re-applied. If your child will be bringing a lunch and snacks from home, please pack the items in a soft lunch pail. If your child will be attending the preschool or pre-kindergarten programs, please also send a ziplock bag with a change of clothes and napping materials (fitted crib sheet, small pillow, blanket).

What should my child NOT bring to camp each day?

Please do not bring toys or other valuable items, such as hand-held video games or ipods, to camp.

My child is uncomfortable in the water. What will he/she be doing while the rest of the class is swimming?

Our pool is very shallow. The group will be divided by swimming ability and the children who are uncomfortable in water will stay in the most shallow area of the pool. If you would prefer that your child not participate in pool activities, he/she will sit on the deck with his/her peers and camp counselor. Students on deck may read or play games quietly with their peers.

I do not want my child to attend field trips. Can he/she still attend camp on Friday?

Only if he/she is in preschool or pre-kindergarten. There is not an option for kindergarten through 8th grade students to remain on campus on Field Trip Fridays.

How does the lunch program work?

Children may bring a lunch from home or purchase a lunch. Our lunch program will be catered by Cater Tots Too on Mondays-Thursdays. On Fridays, pizza will be available for preschoolers to purchase (older children attend field trips on Fridays). If your child will be purchasing a lunch through Cater Tots Too, the online order must be received by 8:00am the day prior to service. Menus are available online at Please contact our front office for the school password.

I am also interested in the school year academic program for my child. Please tell me about Heritage Oak Private School.

At Heritage Oak, preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and elementary grades enjoy a calm, encouraging learning environment with a core curriculum that is one year ahead of the public school standards. Middle school students utilize their own personal laptop computers in class to enhance their studies and to prepare them for challenges in high school and college. All Heritage Oak students receive a well-rounded education that includes music, French or Spanish, art, physical education, computer skills and etiquette.

Can my child celebrate his/her birthday while at camp?

We love to celebrate birthdays at camp! You may send your child to school with non-edible treats for his/her friends OR if your child is in Kindergarten-8th grade, you may order birthday goodies from our catering company, Catertots! Click here for the Catertots Birthday Treat Order Form.

Are there opportunities for students older than 14?

Our camp is only open to students who are 14 and younger. We do have opportunities for high school students to earn volunteer hours by working as camp helpers. Please click here for the application.

What are the Vaccination Requirements?

Click here for PS/PK

Click here for K-8th