WEEK 4: July 8th – July 11th

AM Sum Fun – JK/K
It’s time to have “sum” fun! This math camp was designed to allow students ample opportunity to increase their skills with addition. Addition in the early education years lays a solid foundation for children to be successful in the many other mathematical concepts that they will encounter. Students will take part in daily math drills, math games, centers, and so much more! *English Proficiency Required.

AM Subtraction Squad – 1st
The world of numbers is extremely vast, and that is the main idea students explore in1st grade. The fluency in addition and subtraction that students will attain in this camp will help create a firm foundation for the multiplication and division they will encounter in 3rd grade. In this camp, students will work extensively with place value to understand the foundational skills of subtracting larger numbers. Students will take part in daily activities and interactive worksheets to help build their confidence with subtraction! *English Proficiency Required.

AM Equation Invasion – 2nd-3rd
Students will work on concepts that meet 1st and 2nd grade Mathematics Standards; apply properties of operations to add and subtract up to three-digit numbers (regrouping for 2nd grade), solve word problems, solve unknown addend problems, multiplication, and division(2nd), repeated  ddition, and skip counting. *English Proficiency Required.

AM Divide & Conquer – 4th-5th
While division will be the main focus of this camp, students will also review concepts that use whole numbers to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, solve multi-step word problems, use mental computation and estimation strategies including rounding, and generate and analyze patterns. *English Proficiency Required.

WEEK 6: July 22nd – July 25th

PM Number Ninjas – JK/K
Why is it important to teach children to count? Children love counting and it’s necessary that your child becomes familiar with numbers because their counting skills will lead to other mathematical concepts that your child will encounter in the upcoming school year. This camp will involve more than just counting numbers, but it will also allow students to understand the meaning that numbers hold. *English Proficiency Required.

PM Math Fact Fanatics – 1st-2nd
Let’s Practice! Knowing addition and subtraction facts is the key to growing strong mathematicians! Come practice each day as we learn special strategies, complete daily drills, and have fun understanding the reasoning of addition and subtraction. *English Proficiency Required.

PM Interactive Math – 4th-5th
Along with creating an Interactive Math Notebook, students will learn about fractions, graphing, money, word problems, and more. This is a great class for the reluctant math student as it teaches many math concepts in a fun and interactive way! Children will also use iPads and the Promethean Board to integrate technology into their learning. *English Proficiency Required.

WEEK 7: July 29th – August 1st

PM Multiplication Nation – 3rd-5th
Multiplication is one of the most important math skills practiced in upper elementary grades! Knowing these facts ahead of time will not only help your student with accuracy but will allow them to focus on learning steps to multi-digit multiplication and division! This accelerated class will provide special strategies, daily drills, and fun activities to help master these facts! *English Proficiency Required.

WEEK 8: August 5th – August 8th

PM Run a Pizza Shop – 3rd-5th
Looking for an engaging and challenging project-based learning task to enrich your child? This is a perfect math challenge for students who need a challenge or enrichment, and they’ll love getting to work within a budget to “purchase” ingredients for their pizza parlor. Students will practice many math skills while learning to work within a budget. They’ll finish the project by selling and serving pizza on Thursday. *English Proficiency Required.

PM Monster Math – 1st-2nd
It’s time to bring some fun to math! Why not add monsters to the equation? Campers will advance their knowledge of several key math concepts and skills that reach grade level standards and have the chance to meet some monsters along the way! Students will also create their very own friendly monster to help them solve word problems throughout the week. *English Proficiency Required.

WEEK 10: August 19th – August 22nd

AM Money & Measurement – 1st-2nd
Campers will advance their knowledge of monetary value along with addition and subtraction as they “shop” in our classroom, earn “money” for tasks completed, and play games relating to the value of each coin. They will also advance their measuring skills utilizing the concepts of length, weight, temperature, capacity, and time. *English Proficiency Required.

PM Measure it Math – 3rd-5th
Students will work on story word problems and cut ad sequencing activities, as well all the elements of measurement: length, width, height, thickness, size, volume, and time. Children will keep their activities in a math journal that will be a great source for continued practice. *English Proficiency Required