Week 1

AM: SunSational Fine Motor – (PS/PK) – It’s no secret that fine motor skills play an important role in a child’s development and success at school.  Through fun, playful, and engaging activities, campers will have plenty of opportunities to strengthen their little fingers and improve their pre-writing skills. These skills include correct pencil grip, proper writing habits, tracing and cutting.  Let’s “kick off” the summer together in this fun camp!

PM: 1,2,3 Count with Me – (PK Only) – Have a blast this summer as you learn all about numbers! In this class, students will have a chance to explore new concepts with numbers and math in a fun new way. They will engage in math recognition while practicing fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Campers will be learning while working on fun activities that will spark or reignite an interest in math while in a fun classroom environment.

Week 2

AM:  Olympic Games (Sports/Movement) (PS/PK) – This exciting camp will teach children about the various sports that are featured in the Olympic Games! We will learn the basics of Gymnastics and Basketball, along with Track and Field. The children will have fun being active and learning about these sports they will see this summer. They will focus on their motor skills and coordination while learning how to be supportive to their teammates. At the end of the week, all campers will GO for GOLD!     

PM: Camping our Way to PK – (PK only) Nothing says summer like going on a fun camping trip.  During our fun week, we will get to explore different state parks, engage in fun, hands-on activities, crafts and games- all encompassed around a fun camping theme.  Activities will include making friendship bracelets, “fishing” for words, building binoculars, sensory bags and of course fun new songs!  Join us as we learn new skills and “camp” under the stars!

Week 3

AM:   Learning Through Legos – (PS/PK) Legos are not only fun to play with, but they are also fun to learn with too!  This camp will cover language and math skills in a way that the children won’t even realize they are learning! We will count, sort, build, and play our way through our own Legoland at Heritage Oak. Everything is awesome at this camp!

PM:  Building Blocks of PK – (PK Only) – Let’s get ready for Pre-K! Campers will be introduced to a variety of Pre-K skills throughout this fun week. We will review preschool concepts, spend time on writing skills to prepare for the writing expectations in Pre-K, and get to know new friends! They will practice phonemic awareness, learn to blend sounds to make words, find mastery with numeracy, and build their prewriting muscles through fun and engaging activities. Your camper will explore all things “Pre-K” while preparing for this big new step!

Week 4

AM: Counting with Dinosaurs – (PS/PK) – Students will sharpen their math skills while using manipulatives, learning centers, and games to practice counting, addition, subtraction, measuring, and patterning all during this “Dyno-mite” week.  We will use all things prehistoric to create a fun and adventurous environment of learning and hands-on fun!

PM: Sight Word Safari – (PK only) Get ready to embark on a wild journey!  This camp will introduce your child to the “POPCORN” word list (high-frequency word list) that we use all year in Pre-K.  The students will get plenty of exposure and repetition by finding, identifying, and labeling these words!  Join us for a fun week as we “hunt down” these newly learned words!

Week 5:

AM: Seussical S.T.E.A.M – (PS/PK) – Oh, the places we will go this week! Welcome to the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss. We will be taking reading to the next level with fun STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) activities that go along with the books we will be reading throughout the week. Math games, science experiments, apple fun, and much more!  Get ready to take off into the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss.

PM: Book Club Escape – (PK only) -What could be better than spending an afternoon enjoying a good book? This session of book club will focus on books we can really use our imagination and escape in to! The children will have fun making their own projects inspired by the books, so we may also get a bit messy as we escape into our literary fun!

Week 6:

AM:  Pirates & Princess- Adventure at Sea – (PS/PK) – “Ahoy Matey”! Both girls and boys will learn about a Pirates’ life at sea!  Not only will they learn some pirate words and phrases and what they mean, they will also learn how to make and follow a map, make a telescope, and hunt for buried treasure! We will discuss real-life princesses vs. fairy tale princesses and create some treasures such as crowns, wands, and treasure boxes! Join us for this exciting adventure.

PM:  Come Write Under the Sea – (PK Only) This ocean life-themed camp will explore all things writing!  Your child will enjoy hands-on activities that will help to fine-tune their writing skills for school.  We will work on proper pencil grip, proper strokes, letter formation, and basic fine motor too. We will make it fun and engaging by incorporating a fun ocean theme!

Week 7

AM: Superhero Math – (PS/PK) Students Unite! Our little superheroes will focus on learning math concepts that will prepare them for our Preschool and Pre-k curriculum.  They will learn different ways to show a number, how to count with various manipulatives, how to write numbers correctly, and prepare fun superhero crafts. We will use toys and play games to make learning math skills a blast. Campers will use tools such as rulers, scales, cash registers, counters, playdough, and more in this awesome math class in preparation for Heritage Oak’s math curriculum. Join us for this “super” fun specialty camp!

PM: Alphabet Art – (PK Only) – Painting, collaging, pastels, printmaking, and much more will be enjoyed during this hands-on week of art and literacy fun. Each child will be exposed to and use a variety of art mediums to create his/her own set of alphabet cards.  Engaging phonemic awareness activities will provide additional learning opportunities, perfect for incoming Pre-K students.

Week 8

AM:  ABC Rock – (PS/PK) – If your child enjoys music, this is the camp for them. In this specialty camp, we will learn about various instruments, sing songs, differentiate different styles of music, dance together, and even learn about the history of rock music! Each day, we will also get to explore the instruments we have learned about hands-on! We will have an element of learning our letters and phonics incorporated in our music time and following activities!

PM: Fun With Phonics – (PK Only) Children will begin to read and write by learning the sounds of letters.  We will focus on several different sounds each day and have a magical time learning through hands-on phonics centers. They will be introduced to rhyming as well as ending sounds as they navigate through this fun phonics adventure!

Week 9:

AM: Rain Forest Exploration – (PS/PK and Early Learners) – Your child will take an exciting adventure through the rain forest and learn about its layers and the amazing and beautiful creatures that inhabit it.  We will excite their imaginations through fun games, songs, crafts, and stories.  Join us on this incredible adventure as we close out the summer.

PM: PK Here I Come – (PK Only)There is nothing better than being prepared! Your “almost” Pre-K child will love this fun week of camp getting ready for all things Pre-K.  This will include reviewing listening skills, following two-step directions, becoming familiar with some of the HOPE Pre-K routines (including the “Pledge of Allegiance”) and of course making some new friends.  We will introduce them to the Pre-K lesson table structure, go on their first “field trip” to the school library and cover some introductory guided reading strategies. Give your child that extra boost of confidence by enrolling them in this fantastic readiness camp.

Week 10

AM: Cook with Books – (PS/PK) – Campers will begin to understand the true meanings of classic literature selections as they listen to stories, engage, and ask questions.  They will then extend this process into a fun and tasty cooking project!