Week 5: July 15th – July 18th

Intensive School Year Prep – JK/K , 1st, 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th
This is a rigorous one-week session from 9:00am-4:00pm. Through this positive academic environment, students will thrive and become prepared for Heritage Oak’s content for the upcoming school year which exceeds public school standards by one full academic year. The focus will be on skills in reading, writing, and math. Students may be moved to another School Year Prep class at the discretion of the administration to
ensure a positive and productive learning experience. Parents will be notified of any changes. *English Proficiency Required.

AM Coding Club – 4th-8th
This intermediate/advanced coding camp is designed for those students who have previous experience coding either from Heritage Oak’s Computer Science class or elsewhere. Campers will flex their debugging and code construction skills as well as experiment with various coding languages including Scratch, Swift, and Python to solve programming puzzles, create apps, or even design a basic video game! *English
Proficiency Required.

AM Shark Week – JK-3rd
Dun DUN. Dun DUN. Dun DUN dun DUN!!! What’s that fin poking out of the water? It must be SHARK WEEK! This JAWSome camp will not only be chock full of shark crafts, but it will include science, math, literacy, and art! Students will enjoy learning all about sharks and our oceans while also practicing many school-year skills. What’s better than enjoying shark-tastic activities, while also honing reading skills, science knowledge, and
even math? Don’t miss out on Shark Week!

PM Video Game Programming – 4th-8th
Attention gamers! Learn to design your own video games using JavaScript code! Each camper will develop their own video game starring popular characters from Flappy Bird, the Amazing World of Gumball, Big Hero, and more! Each game will have a story during which characters may score points, interact, throw microbots, vanish one another, etc. The games will be shareable, and campers will be able to play them on a computer or mobile device.

PM Barbielicious – JK-3rd
Is your child ready to embrace their inner Barbie doll? All it takes is sparkles, glitz, and glam to create the most perfect weeklong Barbie bash! Campers will have the chance to craft their very own Barbie dream house, make glamorous accessories, and design Barbie’s newest and most fashionable outfits. This Barbie Bash is one you won’t want to miss!