Week 8: August 5th – August 8th

AM World Cup Soccer – JK-3rd
Ready to kick off the World Cup? In this camp, your child will learn soccer basics such as dribbling, offense vs. defense, throw-ins, trapping, and different drills. Children will also play mini tournament games. This is designed for beginners to advanced soccer players. Children will be able to progress their soccer skills from the beginning to the end of camp.

AM Carnival Games – JK-5th
Step right up for a week of fun! In this camp, students will plan, design, create, and build their very own carnival games and activities. Students will learn about the importance of teamwork, as they help one another to test out their creations and make them more fun. At the end of the week, you are invited to have a day of excitement playing and enjoying your child’s crafty creations!

AM Bright Writers – JK/K
Students will work on writing concepts that meet grade level writing standards. They will practice writing with a purpose. Students will use a combination of drawing and dictating to organize thoughts and focus on content to begin to see oneself as a bright writer! *English Proficiency Required.

AM Junior Journalist – 1st-2nd
Junior journalism offers students an opportunity to increase their creativity, process their feelings, and communicate their ideas on paper. Join us as we explore fun and thought-provoking topics that will help your child gain new personal insight and broaden the perspective of the world around them. *English Proficiency Required.

AM Writing Beyond the Classroom – 3rd-5th
This class will focus on creative writing in fiction, poetry, drama, and personal narratives. Students will develop and reinforce descriptive writing, personal expressions, vocabulary, and word choice, how to write for pleasure, dramatic and poetic form, and journalistic writing. We’ll have performance, interactive group work, and writing games. A personal decorative writing journal will be created for students to use as a continued source to practice their writing skills throughout the summer. *English Proficiency Required.

PM Run a Pizza Shop – 3rd-5th
Looking for an engaging and challenging project-based learning task to enrich your child? This is a perfect math challenge for students who need a challenge or enrichment, and they’ll love getting to work within a budget to “purchase” ingredients for their pizza parlor. Students will practice many math skills while learning to work within a budget. They’ll finish the project by selling and serving pizza on Thursday. *English Proficiency Required.

PM Monster Math – 1st-2nd
It’s time to bring some fun to math! Why not add monsters to the equation? Campers will advance their knowledge of several key math concepts and skills that reach grade level standards and have the chance to meet some monsters along the way! Students will also create their very own friendly monster to help them solve word problems throughout the week. *English Proficiency Required.

PM Read It & Eat It – JK/K
Students will learn the true meaning of classic literature selections while making creative art pieces and fun and tasty cooking projects aligned with the story. The class will read/listen to a book and discuss details, main ideas, and characters. They will then participate in a writing assignment that goes along with the book. Each day we will end the class by tasting the food that was discussed in the story. *English Proficiency Required.

PM Nailed It! – JK-8th
Have you ever seen the show Nailed It! on Netflix? Get ready for a little friendly competition! Campers will participate in a competition where they will try to recreate cool and exciting cakes, cookies, and other treats by being the decorator. They will get to use frosting, sprinkles, and other toppings to make incredible looking desserts. After a round of voting and a winner being chosen each day, the campers will get to enjoy their delicious desserts! Let’s make some edible masterpieces!

PM Safari Week – JK-3rd
Is your child ready for a WILD week? Come and join our jungle of fun as we set off on a safari through the jungle. Along the way, we will meet unique animals, sing safari songs, learn more about the jungle habitat, and so much more. It is going to be a ROARIN’ good time!

PM Artist’s Limelight – 2nd –5th
Art History in a flash! Come learn the classification of art and the artists that made them famous. In this class, your child will be introduced to basic art techniques while learning about the artist’s style, vision, method, and material. Each student will create a piece inspired by famous artists such as Gaudi, Picasso, Kadinsky, and Donatello.