Week 9: August 12th – August 15th

Intensive School Year Prep – JK/K, 1st, 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th
This is a rigorous one-week session from 9:00am-4:00pm. Through this positive academic environment, students will thrive and become prepared for Heritage Oak’s content for the upcoming school year which exceeds public school standards by one full academic year. The focus will be on skills in reading, writing, and math. Students may be moved to another School Year Prep class at the discretion of the administration to ensure a positive and productive learning experience. Parents will be notified of any changes. *English Proficiency Required.

AM Volleyball – 4th-8th
Does your child enjoy playing volleyball? Enjoy a week full of fun inside the gym, practicing and perfecting your child’s bump, set, and spike! This camp will help to improve coordination skills in a positive learning environment made for all levels. Children will learn proper stance, proper footwork for spiking the ball, diving, how to serve (under and overhand), and how to receive the ball. This is a great summer camp
to get ready for volleyball season.

AM Pre-Coding Club – JK-3rd
Do you have a child who is interested in technology and computers? If so, they will LOVE the pre-coding club! Students will learn the basics of proper technology usage with mobile devices and computers, keyboarding concepts, and Internet and app safety. In addition, they will explore beginning computer programming concepts through block coding, fun coding activities, and coding skill-building apps such as Scratch Jr. and Tynker.

AM Ukulele-Luau JK-3rd
Play ukulele & sing at this Hawaiian themed camp!  Feel free to bring your ukulele if you have one and sing along to Hawaiian classics like “Aloha Oe” and other favorites with a happy, island feel.  Learn about the Polynesian culture, make leis, join the “hula” hooping contest, and experience Hawaii through the music.

PM Spanish Boot Camp- 4th-8th
This is a week of fun interactive conversations in Spanish. Students will get to learn basic thematic vocabulary through songs and short videos and jump right into authentic conversational Spanish! Students will build up their self-confidence and be able to speak with their teacher and classmates during the first lesson using everyday simple Spanish expressions. A theme will be chosen and activities will be completed each day to follow the weekly theme. No previous Spanish classes needed.

PM Clay-zee Artists – JK-3rd
Learn how to make your own dough and clay! We will mix a wide variety of ingredients to make different colorful textures every day. You will create your own sculptures to keep or transform again and again. From edible play dough to homemade clay you can paint, you are the scientist, the chef and the artist that will design your own creations!