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Heritage Oak Preschoolers Donate Thanksgiving Feast to Fire Department

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Each year, Heritage Oak students participate in a formal Thanksgiving Feast where they practice their formal dining manners and reflect on all they are thankful for. This year, all remaining homemade food from the feast was donated to the Yorba Linda Fire Department. 

While teachers ask that each child try a little of every item to broaden their palate, each year, there is an array of homemade delights leftover and eventually discarded. This year, during one of the school’s “Director’s Breakfasts,” preschool parents suggested that the remaining food be sent to the fire department. In preparation for the event, parents were asked to prepare the items in individual serving cups rather than in big trays so that untouched items could be donated. Parents volunteered to transport the goodies from the school to the Fire House.

On November 22nd, the plan went into effect and a delectable array of food was delivered to Yorba Linda Fire Station 10 (on Yorba Linda Blvd. and Lemon St.). “It was an excellent opportunity for us to teach the children about giving, not being wasteful, and thanking those that help us.” explained Preschool Director, Cindy Twomey, “We hope that Fire Station 10 enjoys our small gift of appreciation for all of the wonderful things they do for the community.”