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Heritage Oak Second Graders Learn Coding

Friday, October 21, 2016

October 21, 2016

Last week, Heritage Oak Private Education held its first coding class for second graders as part of its regular technology curriculum.  Coding has been added to the curriculum this year for children in grades two through five and the program the school is using utilizes popular characters from Mine Craft, Angry Birds and Star Wars in order to keep students interested and motivated.

During their weekly class, Heritage Oak technology teacher Madison Lyn pairs students up by their coding experience level. One student is the driver, the one using the mouse, the other student is the navigator, telling the other student what to do. “It is great to have beginners be drivers allowing them to get hands-on experience with concepts they might be struggling with, while the more experienced student is telling the driver what to do,” explains Lyn. “It helps the beginning student have more confidence and not feel so overwhelmed and discouraged. The navigator is also reinforcing their skills by sharing their knowledge and skill with another student.”

Each course awards the student a certificate, but only after he/she passes a multiple choice quiz about the concepts learned.

As teachers track student progress it helps them determine if certain students need to be moved up to an accelerated level. It is essentially the same lessons and concepts but taught ina faster and more challenging way.  

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