Middle School

The core academics in Heritage Oak’s Middle School are math (pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry), English, literature, science, social studies, French or Spanish, and physical education.  Middle School students also enjoy elective classes which typically offer instruction in band, theatre, debate, journalism, enhanced technology, team sports, photography, and art.

Middle school students experience cotillion classes to refine their social skills and introduce public speaking, personal presentation, resume preparation, and business interview techniques.  Throughout the school year, students are provided with instruction in critical thinking and creative problem solving.  To further enhance students’ leadership skills, all middle school students are eligible to run for any of several positions in the Associated Student Government.

All middle school students use an iPad as part of a fully-integrated technology environment.  Digital citizenship lessons also teach students internet safety and how to handle cyber-bullying. This rigorous program prepares students for high school and college as the utilization of computers bridges technology and learning in all disciplines.

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