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Preschool & Pre-kindergarten Specialty Camps

Week 1: 6/17-6/20

AM-Learning With Legos: Legos are not only fun to play with, they are fun to learn with too!  This camp will cover academic skills in a way that the children won’t even realize they are learning language and math skills.  We will count, sort, build, and play our way through our own Legoland at Heritage Oak.  Everything is awesome at this camp!

PM-Read It and Eat It: Campers will begin to understand the true meaning of classic literature selections as they listen to stories, engage, and ask questions.  They will then extend the process into a creative art piece, as well as a fun and tasty cooking project.

Week 2: 6/24-6/27

AM-The Wonderful World of Eric Carle: Have you ever wondered what inspired Eric Carle and his prominent books?  With a plethora of famous titles such as “The Hungry Caterpillar”, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”, and “The Grouch Lady Bug”, children will be immersed in lively literature and vibrant illustrations.  Come explore the wonders behind his creations and what motivated him to create his sensational creatures.  Not only will we be engaging in storytelling, but children will paint, craft, and create their own Eric Carle masterpieces, and participate in an author study!

PM-The “Write Stuff”: 3, 2, 1, Get ready to blast off on a mission to Planet Write!  From our nearest neighboring planets to the stars at the edge of our galaxy, good writing is important.  Young space travelers will play fun games designed to improve their pencil grip and learn proper handwriting techniques.  Lot’s of astronaut training will focus on writing first names and lower case letters.  Don’t miss out- it will be a blast

Week 3- NO CAMPS

Week 4: 7/8-7/11

AM-Sun-Sational Fine Motor: It is no secret that fine motor skills play an important role in a child’s development and success at school.  Through fun, playful and engaging sun-themed activities, campers will have plenty of opportunities to strengthen their little fingers and improve their pre-writing skills.  These skills include correct pencil grip, proper writing habits, tracing and cutting.

PM-Summer STEM: Young scientists will explore the science behind many of summer’s greatest wonders such as sunscreen, ice cream and fire works!  Hands on experiments and group activities will get the children excited to learn even more about the wonderful world of science.  Everyone will have fun making a solar oven for our s’mores to help learn about the power of the sun and making popsicles to learn about the properties of water. Summer really is the best season of childhood!

Week 5: 7/15-7/18

AM-Builders and Creators Club-(formerly “We Can Build It): Calling all inventors, builders and designers: Come and build some awesome creations with us!  Get ready to use your imagination for hands on action and fun with real tools and materials.  We will make structures using recyclables, wood, clay, cardboard, nails and glue.  Skills necessary:  none!  Skills gained: fine motor skills, problem solving, creativity and confidence!

PM- Cruisin To Pre-K: There is nothing better than being prepared—Your “almost” Pre-k child will love this fun week of camp getting ready for all things Pre-K.  This will include reviewing listening skills, following 2 step directions, becoming familiar with some of the HOPE Pre-K routines (including the Pledge of Allegiance) and of course making some new friends.  We will introduce them to the Pre-K Lesson Table structure, go on their first “field trip” to the school Library and cover some introductory guided reading strategies.  Give your child that extra boost of confidence by enrolling them in this fantastic readiness camp

Week 6: 7/22-7/25

AM-Mickey Mouse Math: Mickey Mouse and all his friends will help students use manipulatives and hands on activities to increase their math skill set.  Through Mickey’s activities, students will learn basic counting, ordering numbers, patterning, and simple addition problems.  Get ready Preschool and Pre-k, these Mouseketeers are ready for some fun

PM-“And I Just Can’t Wait To Be in Pre-K”: This fun Lion King themed academic camp will help to prepare your Pre-K student for the upcoming school year.  The children will explore may different language and math skills in a fun interactive Lion King environment.  We will review basics that are great for all current HOPE students and non-HOPE students

Week 7: 7/29-8/1

AM-ABC Rock: Join us for active literacy learning through music and movement!  This camp will get our campers up and moving while learning letter recognition, letter sounds, rhyming, phonemic awareness and much more.  We will “Lettercise”, “ABC Kickbox”, “Sing and Spell” and “ABC Rock” away to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

PM-Toy Story Math: You’ve got a friend in HOPE!  Your campers will engage in Toy Story themed math activities.  Children will complete and explore math related centers that make them “reach for the sky”!  Come join Woody and his friends as we focus on numbers, 1:1 correspondence, and counting!

Week 8: 8/5-8/8

AM- Cook With Books: Campers will begin to understand the true meanings of classic literature selections as they listen to stories, engage and ask questions.  They will then extend this process into a fun and tasty cooking project!

PM-Alphabet Art: Painting, collaging, pastels, printmaking and much more will be enjoyed during this hands-on week of art and literacy fun.  Each child will use a variety of art mediums to create his/her own set of 26 alphabet cards.  Engaging phonemic awareness activities will provide additional learning opportunities; perfect for incoming Pre-K students

Week 9: 8/12-8/15

AM-Edible Math: How fun would it be to learn math with flashcard cookies?  How about shapes with pretzels and marshmallows? Pattering with Rainbow Gold fish crackers?  Sorting and graphing with jelly beans? Or Tanwiches? (tangram sandwiches) This camp brings math to life with these creative and tasty hands-on math activities that will guarantee to keep math fun and delicious!

PM-Fairytale, Phonics and Fun: Children will begin to read and write by learning the sounds of letters. We will focus on one Fairy Tale each day and have a magical time learning through hands-on phonics centers.  They will be introduced to rhyming as well as ending sounds as they frolic through classic fairy tales.

Week 10: 8/19-8/22

AM-Alphabet City: Campers will explore Alphabet City-learning and constructing all the letters and sounds of the alphabet.  The children will have the opportunity to engage in fun activities and crafts to deepen their knowledge of letters and sounds.

PM-Mad Science: Through hands-on experiments and science demonstrations, this camp will allow for each camper to understand the science behind some of the everyday things they see and read about in their day to day life- They will make ice cream, snow, volcanos and much more!  Come explore and get messy as we have a “mad-good” time!