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Preschool & Pre-kindergarten Specialty Camps

Preschool & Pre-kindergarten Specialty Camps are open to students who will be 3 years old or older by September 1, 2020

Week 1

AM- Fine Motor Kick Off- PS/ PK -It’s no secret that fine motor skills play an important role in a child’s development and success at school.  Through fun, playful and engaging activities, campers will have plenty of opportunities to strengthen their little fingers and improve their pre-writing skills.  These skills include correct pencil grip, proper writing habits, tracing and cutting.  Let’s “kick off” the summer together in this fun camp!

Week 2


AM- Alphabet in Space- PS/PK- A, B, C- BLASTOFF!  Campers will blast off into the stars and explore the alphabet.  Throughout the week your child will explore a variety of letters and their sounds.  They will create art work based on letters and a variety of spaced themes, such as planets, stars and galaxies!


Week 3

AM- Learning with Legos- PS/PK- Legos are not only fun to play with, they are fun to learn with too!  This camp will cover academic skills in a way that the children won’t even realize they are learning language and math skills.  We will count, sort, build, and play our way through our own Legoland at Heritage Oak.  Everything is awesome at this camp!

Week 4

AM- The Wonderful World of Writing PS/PK-  This Disney themed camp will explore all things writing!  Your child will enjoy hands on activities that will help to fine tune their writing skills for Pre-K.  We will work on pencil grip, proper strokes, letter formation and basic fine motor too.  We will make it fun and engaging by incorporating fun Disney characters!

Week 5

AM-Little Kickers- PS/PK-Get your little kicker moving by learning soccer skills, working hard and having fun.  Your little soccer star will learn ball handling skills and good sportsmanship through a variety of interactive, age appropriate and engaging activities.

Week 6

AM- ABC Rock- PS/PK-Join us for active literacy learning through music and movement!  This camp will get our campers up and moving while learning letter recognition, letter sounds, rhyming, phonemic awareness and much more.  We will  “Lettercise”, “ABC Kickbox”, “Sing and spell” and “ABC Rock”  away to the Rock and Roll hall of fame!

Week 7

PM-Superhero Math-PK- Come become a numeracy Superhero in Number City!  Children will have fun working with their fellow superheroes to gain a better understanding of numbers and their meaning.  Children will practice one to one correspondence, explore shapes, practice with ten frames and begin writing numbers.  Number City is the place where all Superheroes are learning and having fun!

Week 8

AM-Cook with Books PS/PK- Campers will begin to understand the true meanings of classic literature selections as they listen to stories, engage and ask questions.  They will extend this process into a fun and tasty cooking project!

Week 9

AM-Awesome Engineers- PS/PK- Looking for STEM projects and challenges for your child?  Building and engineering projects are valuable for developing thinking skills and encouraging the ability to design and create.  Your child will start out with projects that rely on simple and readily available materials to build a great collection of simple machines!  Children will get a kick exploring and letting their imaginations run wild through discovery and observation.

Week 10

AM- Edible Math- PS/PK- How fun would it be to learn math with flash card cookies?  How about shapes with pretzels and marshmallows?  Patterning with rainbow Goldfish crackers? Sorting and graphing with jellybeans? Or Tanwiches? (tangram sandwiches) This camp brings math to life with these creative and tasty hands on math activities that will guarantee to keep math fun and delicious!

Week 11

AM-Under the Sea Explorers- PS/PK  -Underwater life is so interesting and full of exciting features to explore. We will learn about underwater life, habitats and how to keep our beautiful ocean thriving.  Bring your explorer goggles and let’s dive right in!