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The Science of Slime – Kindergarten-8th Grade, AM Camp (WEEK 1 - AM)

Making slime is not just fun, but it is also educational! Campers will learn the properties of polymers and explore the science behind making different types of slime with Heritage Oak’s own Mrs. Kimmel. Why does it glow in the dark? Why does it change color when we touch it? Utilizing math and measuring skills, campers will have a great time creating the slime and then taking it home each day! The camp will conclude with students designing their own personal slime creations!

STEM- States of Matter – 1st-3rd Grade, AM Camp (WEEK 4 - AM)

Students will learn about all the states of matter including; solids, liquids, gases, evaporation, melting, freezing, heating, and much more. Emphasis will be placed on how matter changes from one form to another. The children will focus on vocabulary as well as completing Lab Reports for each experiment. 

Destination: Science – Kindergarten-8th Grade, AM Camp (WEEK 5 - AM)

Mrs. Bernard can’t wait to take your child on a journey to Destination: Science! Bubbling dry ice, zooming cars, the effects of gravity, marshmallow catapults, Myth busting, sensory science, edible chemistry and more will all be found in this outstanding camp that explores Science’s most fascinating fields. Each young scientist will conduct amazing experiments, and will even experience the week’s grand finale – a full scale outdoor water-rocket launch and popsicle party with family members! Each student will design the aerodynamics of his/her rocket, and then watch it soar. You won’t want to miss this week packed full of science fun! 

STEM Superstars – 1st-5th Grade, AM Camp (WEEK 8 - AM)

STEM is the combination of science, technology, engineering, and math—and it’s a great cross-curricular way to learn! What is the best way to build a structure out of spaghetti noodles that can support the weight of a marshmallow? How can we make a marble continually flow through a roller coaster made of drinking straws? These engineering challenges and more will be explored in this exciting, hands-on class! At the end of the week, the students will take on their biggest challenge—building a suspension bridge that can support the weight of as many textbooks as possible! 

Oceanography – Kindergarten-1st Grade, PM Camp (WEEK 8 - PM)

Ride the wave into science!  In this class, campers will learn all about ocean life, the ocean floor, and the different levels within the ocean. Not only will campers make their lessons come to life through crafts, they will also make a book each day in order to retain all of the information that they have learned. This week’s on-campus “field trip” is to the beach and our campers will be well-prepared to identify everything they see and appreciate the wonders of the ocean!

Solar System Science – 2nd-5th Grade, AM Camp (WEEK 9 - AM)

Learning about the Solar System has never been so much fun! The students will read passages, use organizers, conduct character studies (Sally Ride and Neil Armstrong), use comprehension and connection activities, participate in a slideshow presentation, and complete a planet flip book, and so much more! Many interactive activities using technology will round out this exciting class.