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Themed Enrichment

Magic Tree House World Tour – Kindergarten-3rd Grade (WEEK 1)

Get ready for adventure! Inspired by Jack and Annie’s world travels (from the Magic Tree House Series), campers will explore different cultures from around the world! This camp will spark their interest in learning and stimulate their curiosity about the world around them. Campers will have an opportunity to share their own heritage at the end of the camp and get inspired to read one of Mrs. Kimmel’s favorite book series.

Wizards and Potions – Kindergarten-8th Grade (WEEK 2)

Inspired by the world of Harry Potter, Heritage Oak’s School of Wizardry and Mrs. Kimmel as Professor Snape will feature daily potion classes where campers will learn how science can be mistaken as magic through a series of science experiments. Young wizards will be divided into houses and compete for the house cup at the end of camp. Daily owl posts will be delivered, and students will even be able to make a wand!

Police and Fire Academy – Kindergarten-3rd Grade (WEEK 4)

Police officers, firefighters and the military are our very own hometown heroes, and in this camp, your child will learn to be just like one!  Campers will use a real hose to fight fire, learn how to arrest criminals with real handcuffs, and will test their limits in boot camp--maybe they’ll even earn a badge! Children will also have an opportunity to MEET some real heroes! They will be dropping by all week to tell us about what it's like to protect our cities from crime, fire, and danger! Does your child have what it takes to be a hometown hero

French Cooking for Young Chefs – 3rd-5th Grade (WEEK 6)

Learn how to cook some traditional French food while learning new French vocabulary. Prior knowledge of French is not required. Campers will make savory and sweet dishes, receive their own French apron and make a recipe book. Parents are invited to Heritage Oak’s French café on the last day of camp to taste all the French cuisine your children will proudly serve. Bon appétit!

Imaginopolis-Build a Nation – Kindergarten-8th Grade (WEEK 6) 

This summer, we will be creating an entire nation. In this class, each camper will decide the laws and landmarks of his/her very own state, create a flag, and learn about how countries work as we work together to build Imaginopolis 2.0! We will vote on a President, create our own money, and of course, the last day of camp will feature the founding of our country and signing of its constitution! Don't miss this monumental occasion to create, play and learn with Mrs. Bernard in Imaginopolis - Build a Nation!

Top Chef Jr. – Kindergarten-8th Grade  (WEEK 7)

Mrs. Bernard is back with a brand new tasty menu for your little chef to create, sample and share with YOU! As always, our final day of camp will feature Top Chef Café, in which families can come taste all the delicious food we’ve been cooking up all week! Don’t miss this chance to be served a fresh lunch, created by your apron-clad culinary artist! Kitchen safety and sanitation will also be taught. Each chef will get to personalize his/her own apron and chef hat, and will receive a recipe booklet of every recipe made! 

Princess Party Planning – Kindergarten-3rd Grade (WEEK 8)

A princess is known not only by her beauty, but also how she behaves and follows her heart. In this four-day course, princesses will learn proper table manners, how to set a table, and how to plan the most elegant celebration. Together, our royal court will discuss and decide on menus, entertainment, decorations and more in order to prepare for the end-of-week Royal Feast for their families. 

Mission: Save the Garden – Kindergarten-3rd Grade

Your camper will join with “Crazy Dave” in order to save the Heritage Oak garden! Just like in the popular video game, campers will learn to make their very own pea shooters, fire flowers, and cactus throwers. Strategy, teamwork, and imagination will combine as campers build their very own towns and join either the zombie or plant teams. The ultimate battle will take place the last day of camp—they won’t want to miss it!