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Third Grade Trash Turns to Cash

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Yorba Linda, Calif. (November 7, 2017) - Each year, Heritage Oak Third Grade teacher Mrs. Bernard encourages her students to recycle their bottles after lunchtime and she enlists a parent to take the recycling when the can gets full.  This year, the class has had an added educational experience as one of the students in the class, Julian M., has family members who own a recycling plant! Julian's mother didn't just offer to pick up our recycling, she brought it straight to her family's center, and while recording video, she followed the class's recycled bottles through the entire recycling process! The students were inspired and intrigued as they saw their own bottles sorted, weighed, placed on a belt, crushed into a giant cube, and then sent on a truck to a place where they will be turned into something new. 

After viewing the video, Mrs. Bernard's class became more motivated than ever to keep recycling and helping the planet. They've already filled the classroom bin multiple times, and have made over $12, just from their daily lunch bottles. When the money earned is more substantial, the class will vote on how to spend it. They may choose to purchase something for their classroom, or donate it to a charitable organization. 

Mrs. Bernard's class is very appreciative to Julian's mother and Lima Recycling in La Puente, for teaching them more about the recycling process, and creating a video to share with others! Here's a link to watch how third graders' trash turns into cash! 

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