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Week 1 Specialty Camps


Jedi Training Academy-  JK-8th AM Camp
The Jedi Council and Mrs. Kimmel are looking for youngling volunteers to show that you have what it takes to become a Jedi Knight. Test your skills and show that you have the force! A variety of activities will be applied, many are physical; some are mental… for the true path of the Jedi encompasses body, mind and soul. It is only through the harmonious integration of these three aspects will one find Wisdom, Humility, and Peace. This camp is based on six core values that define good character (The Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship). Campers will also make their own Lightsaber and duel with Star Wars villains, learn how to recite the sacred Jedi Oath and participate in the initiation ceremony. After promising to use all new powers for good, each young Jedi will receive a Honorary Jedi Knight certificate!

Husky Track Stars – JK-3rd AM Camp
Strength, stamina, and spirit will forge the path to a medal at this beginning track camp. Children will practice basic warm ups each day and learn the fundamentals of track and field as they focus on the long jump, hurdles, relay races and the shot put. Our coach will encourage each camper to build endurance and stamina as he/she races to the finish. The camp will conclude with an Olympic Track Meet on Thursday where parents can cheer on their favorite Camp Heritage Oak Olympians. Campers should bring water and wear sunscreen.

Make and Take Mouse Ears- JK-8th AM Camp( NEW)
Do you love to go to the local amusement park where a certain mouse lives? Well, come to Make and Take Mouse Ears to create your own original ears to celebrate our favorite mouse! Take inspiration from your favorite characters or movies as you design your own masterpieces.

Guided Reading Gurus – JK/K AM Camp
This class is designed to build a framework to develop reading fluency, comprehension, and phonics skills. The tailored small-group lessons will develop the reading process supported by independent reading strategies. It will provide a wonderful environment for students to receive differentiated instruction to improve their reading skills in preparation for the upcoming school year.

Writers Workshop – 1st- 2nd AM Camp
This writing class will not only strengthen campers’ skills, it will also foster a love of writing in a fun, encouraging environment. Because this class will focus on writing using a voice, campers will draw inspiration from creative projects done inside the class such as painting and crafting. Each student will also keep a writing journal which will be used daily. Comparison writing activities from the start of camp until the end will allow parents to see the wonderful progress made by their campers.

An Elephant and Piggie Reading Adventure- JK-3rd PM Camp
Mo Willems’ beloved children’s book series, and Mrs. Kimmel’s all-time favorite inspires this camp! Let’s have fun and learn. The humor and conversational style of the Elephant & Piggie series will capture the students’ attention while giving them an opportunity to study story elements, explore character traits, practice predicting and make connections. Students will also participate in various art and writing projects such as making puppets used to recreate the story and designing their own version of the stories. Students will also explore the character lessons displayed in the books as they learn about respect, fairness, responsibility, caring, and compassion.

Basketball – JK-3rd PM Camp
As children grow, athletics become more competitive. This basketball camp provides a great opportunity for a beginning basketball player to learn the skills necessary to be successful in the game. It also provides experienced players with the ability to hone their skills on the court. A focus on basic skills such as dribbling, lay ups, passing, shooting, and defense, along with a variety of drills and mini games will prepare your athlete for basketball season next year! Please send your camper with water and a healthy snack each day.

Ceramics – JK-3rd  PM Camp
Clay, glaze, paint, and new friends will make up this week of creative artistry as campers explore the stages of clay piece production. Did you know that Camp Heritage Oak has its own kiln? This means that as campers decorate their cups, plates, bowls, etc. with paint and glaze, all of their items can be fired on-site and ready to go home and shared with their family members! If your child loves creating pottery projects at mall-type painting stores, he/she will have a fantastic time in this class!

Hand Lettering Chalkboard Art 4th-8th PM Camp (NEW)
Have you seen the pretty signs and decorative chalkboard art when you’re out and about? You can make these too! Join Miss Steinfeld to learn the basic skills of calligraphy and chalk art. Students will be given their own set of calligraphy pens, chalk markers, and additional supplies to help them become super hand-lettering artists.

Video Game Programming – 4th-8th PM Camp
Attention gamers! Learn to design your own video games using JavaScript code! Each camper will develop his/her own video game starring popular characters from Flappy Bird, the Amazing World of Gumball, Big Hero and more! Each game will have a story during which characters may score points, interact, throw micro bots, vanish one another, etc. The games will be sharable, and campers will be able to play them on a computer or mobile device.

Math Fact Masters – 3rd-5th  PM Camp
Math facts will be the focus of this engaging camp. Students will use manipulatives, learning centers, games, and technology to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The children will create their own learning centers to bring home at the end of the week. Daily use of technology including iPads and the promethean board will strength their math fact memorization and understanding.

* Students must be able to speak English fluently to attend academic classes.