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Week 3 Specialty Camps

(No Kindergarten-Middle School Specialty Camps Scheduled due to July 4th holiday)


Sensational Science and Sensory  – Preschool/Pre-k
​A week of hands on science discoveries as well as sensory fun!  Your child will engage in various science experiments and explorations along with engaging in a variety of sensory activities that will engage their minds and creativity!  Come make a mess while learning all about science!

Toy Story Math – Preschool-Pre-kindergarten *
Campers will learn about counting, number recognition, one to one correspondence, and simple addition and subtraction as they dive into the set of a Toy Story Adventure.  There will be hands on centers focused on and around this excited Toy Story character theme!



Ready…Set…Pre-k: Phonics Fairytales and Fun – Pre-kindergarten *
Fairytales such as The Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk, and the Musicians of Bremen will be the backdrop to this fun-filled camp which will focus on letter awareness and letter sound skills. An emphasis will be placed on vowels—the “glue” to the words. Children will participate in exciting games and make fairytale crafts as they explore the different sounds that the letters make. 


* Students must be able to speak English fluently to attend academic classes.