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Week 4 (7/6-7/9)

Archery – 4th-8th  AM Camp
Due to the success of last year’s session, Mrs. Albano is once again offering a course in the Olympic sport of archery! Campers will be taught the fundamentals of stance, nocking, aiming, and loosing arrows in a fun, safe learning environment. Compound bow mastery, compensating for weather, judging distance and terrain, and mental exercises for clarity and focus will all be covered in this exciting camp.

Little Kickers- JK-3rd AM Camp
Learn the basic skills needed to play soccer in this fun and active class. In Little Kickers, students will learn different soccer drills, offense/defense, kicking, and throw-ins. Students will also play different games that involve gross-motor skills to improve their balance and coordination. Beginners welcome!

Theater Camp- Frozen Jr.  – JK-8th AM Camp- TWO WEEKS
A story of true love and acceptance between sisters, Frozen JR. expands upon the emotional relationship and journey between Princesses Anna and Elsa. When faced with danger, the two discover their hidden potential and the powerful bond of sisterhood. With a cast of beloved characters and loaded with magic, adventure, and plenty of humor, Frozen JR. is sure to thaw even the coldest heart! Student participants will learn the ins-and-outs of creating a musical production as they learn to memorize lines, dances, and songs in this amazing two-week theater intensive camp! Theatre Camp will be taught by a HOPE teacher who is passionate about the musical arts. Miss Kyte holds a degree in art education and has 20 years of experience in the theatre. Your young thespians will gain stage confidence, singing skills, dancing skills, the ability to work with other actors, memorization techniques, and more as they experience performing for their parents and peers on the final day of this two-week camp.

Secret Agent Spy Science- JK-8th- AM Camp (NEW)
Pssst! Secret Agent! The world needs your spy skills to solve crimes and defeat evil! At Mrs. Bernard’s Secret Agent training, campers will receive a spy kit and learn scientific techniques, conquer physical challenges and find out what it takes to catch a mastermind. Use disappearing ink, bionic ears, UV lights, and wear clever disguises! Take fingerprints, learn secret codes, and catch the culprit! By the end of the week, each spy in training will have the knowledge needed to crack the code and get to the bottom of the case!

Reader’s Theater Superstars JK-2nd AM Camp
Become a reader’s theater superstar! In this fun and exciting camp, students will strengthen their reading fluency skills by practicing and performing a reader’s theater script. Students will get different roles and work together in groups to work on their expression, eye contact, and presentation skills. They will build their confidence and have fun creating props and backdrops to go with their stories. At the end of the week, their stories will be brought to life for their reader’s theater performance!

Math Escape Room 1st-2nd AM Camp
Oh no!  Will your student escape in time?   Join Mrs. Prince in interactive games to breakout and escape the classroom.  Students will utilize their critical thinking and team building skills while they work to solve challenging puzzles and clues.  The escape room will strengthen math skills in a fun and interactive way while strengthening the following math concepts: time, money, operations, geometry, place value, and comparing numbers.

The Great Hope Baking Show- JK-8th PM Camp
On your mark, get set, BAKE! Come join us for a week of baking sweet treats at HOPE’S Bakery. On Thursday our bakery will be open for business, so your family can come try your student’s delicious goodies. Bon Appetit!

Futsal- Indoor Soccer- 4th-8th PM Camp (NEW)
Does your child love soccer? Campers will love this class because it gives them the chance to improve their soccer skills while playing Futsal (indoor soccer). Futsal is a great way to improve their talents, work on improving their skill level, and also have a great time competing against their friends.

You’re a Star- Movie Making Camp- JK-8th- PM Camp (NEW)
Have you dreamed of working in the movies? Do you long to be an actor, director, stunt person or camera man? Welcome to Heritage Oak’s Hollywood, where movie magic becomes real! Perform your own stunts! Act in your own scenes! Direct a short film! This camp will take a lonely little script and by the end of the week, turn it into a true cinematic production! Campers will even be introduced to the “magic” of movie-making through green screen effects and basic movie editing, as well as selecting music to set the mood. The grand finale of Movie Magic camp will be our very own “Oscar Awards”. Campers will come looking glamorous, walk the red carpet, and be awarded for the scenes produced and efforts given throughout the week. Each camper will be given a copy of the finished and edited film, and their very own Oscar! Don’t miss this chance to make your Hollywood movie-making dreams come true!

School Year Prep: Math JK/K PM Camp
Students will work on concepts that meet Kindergarten Mathematics Standards; number names, counting in sequence, skip counting, comparing numbers, addition, subtraction, patterning, sorting, place value, measurement, classifying and analyzing objects into categories, gathering and analyzing data, time, money, and compare, create, and compose shapes. 

Interactive Math – 1st -2nd  PM Camp
Along with creating an Interactive Math Notebook, students will learn about fractions, graphing, money, word problems and more. This is a great class for the reluctant math student as it teaches many math concepts in a fun and interactive way! Children will also use iPads and the Promethean Board to integrate technology into their learning.

School Year Prep: Math 3rd-4th PM Camp
Students will work on concepts that meet 3rd and 4th grade Mathematics Standards; multiplication, division, understand and analyze the relationship among numbers, use place value to perform multidigit arithmetic, fractions,  measurement, estimation, represent and interpret data, geometric measurement, time, money, understand and solve statistical and probability problems, and classify shapes by properties of their lines and angles. 

Public Speaking Pros- 6th-8th- PM Camp (NEW)
Conquer one of the world’s top fears: public speaking! You will learn to create epic speeches that are engaging and actionable! Build confidence that will last a lifetime! 

*Pre-requisite to Debate Bootcamp