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Week 8 Specialty Camps

New Student Orientation JK-5th AM Camp

This course is required for all students entering Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten and all NEW students entering First through Fifth Grade at Heritage Oak in Fall, 2019.

Soccer – JK-3rd  AM Camp

This camp will allow young athletes to learn basic soccer skills in an encouraging environment. Camp activities include skill building drills, soccer-based games, fundamentals, team building activities and scrimmages. Shin guards and soccer balls are optional but recommended.

STEM- Geology Rocks! JK-2nd AM Camp (NEW)

Come join Mrs. Plumlee as we learn about how Geology ROCKS! During our camp we will explore the different types of rocks and fossils. Students will conduct STEM experiments involving rocks, learn how rocks form, and even create our own fossils! Students are guaranteed to have a “Rockin” good time!

Culinary Kids Club JK-8th PM Camp (NEW)

The napkins are pressed and the table is set! Now it’s time to join Culinary Kids Club. Your little chef will be creating works of art with food! Students will learn how to caramelize crème brulee and prepare a freshly made pizza. Students will sample their own creations, follow recipes, and have tasty snacks to bring home. A special guest appearance from a local Orange County Executive Chef will be an extra treat to complete this week of fun in the kitchen.

Deep Thinking Readers – 1st-2nd AM Camp

Students will read high interest standards-based fiction and non-fiction passages, discuss unfamiliar vocabulary, answer text dependent questions, work in small groups, and share what they have learned with the class. The focus on comprehension and individual and shared learning makes this a great class for all reading levels.

Novel Study 3rd-5th AM Camp

The City of Ember Novel Study camp contains a fully integrated, creative, and comprehensive novel study on The City of Ember by Jeanne Duprau. Students will work on answering detailed comprehension questions, vocabulary, story element analysis, projects, and engaging worksheets.

Writing Beyond the Classroom – 6th-8th AM Camp

Has your child ever considered becoming a writer as a career?  This class will focus on creative writing in fiction, poetry, drama, and personal narratives.  Students will develop and reinforce descriptive writing, personal expression, vocabulary, and word choice, how to write for pleasure, dramatic and poetic form, and journalistic writing.  We’ll have performance, interactive group work, and writing games.  A personal decorative writing journal will be created using students’ choices of narratives, poetry, short dramas, journalistic articles, reviews, fictional stories.

Exploding Experiments- JK-8th PM Camp (NEW)

POP, FIZZLE, BANG! What’s that? It’s Exploding Experiments! Come learn all about exploding science with Mad Scientist Miller. In this hands-on interactive science camp students will learn about chemical reactions, mixing elements, and how to make science go BOOM!

Puzzle Masters 2nd-5th PM Camp ( NEW)

Do you enjoy a challenge? Do you like puzzles or brain-teasers? Test your skills and join this exciting new camp! Students will have to put on their thinking caps, use critical thinking skills, and work together to solve a variety of puzzles, brain teasers, and strategy based- games. Students will also create their very own personally designed puzzle!

Build a Book 1st-4th Grade PM Camp

Inspired by beloved children’s books, this class will allow students to explore the various strategies to deeply understand a literature selection. The story will capture the students’ attention while giving them an opportunity to study story elements, explore character traits, and practice predicting, drawing connections, and making inferences. Students will also participate in various art and writing projects such as making puppets used to recreate the story, designing their own version of the book, and writing the story by hand. Students will also explore the character lessons displayed in the book and learn about respect, fairness, responsibility, caring, and compassion.

Read and Sequence – 1st-2nd PM Camp

This class will focus on engaging the student while working on comprehension, fluency and building confidence. Each story will provide students with a genuine opportunity to practice reading short stories they can decode with phonics skills and sight word recognition. This class is ideal for the struggling reader or beginning reader as the stories will provide work in the  foundation of reading though phonics and sight words.

Math Operation Masters- JK/K PM Camp (NEW)

Students will work on concepts that meet Kindergarten Mathematics Standards; addition and subtraction with objects, mental images, drawings, and sounds, word problems, decompose numbers less than or equal to 10, make estimations and explain solutions, identify, explain, and extend simple pattern making and sorting, and place value. 

Math Operation Masters- 1st-2nd PM Camp (NEW)

Students will work on concepts that meet 1st and 2nd grade Mathematics Standards; apply properties of operations to add and subtract up to three-digit numbers(regrouping for 2nd grade), solve word problems, solve unknown addend problems, multiplication and division(2nd), repeated addition, and skip counting.

Math Operation Masters- 3rd-5th  PM Camp (NEW)

Students will work on concepts that meet 3rd-5th Mathematics Standards; use whole numbers to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, solve multi-step word problems, use mental computation and estimation strategies including rounding, and generate and analyze patterns.

Tech Week 6th-8th PM (Heritage Oak Students Only)