Test Scores

CTP Standardized Test Results

The Educational Records Bureau’s Comprehensive Testing Program Online (CTP-Online) test is a means of tracking student performance through standardized testing. Developed from the most elite boarding schools in the world, this norm-referenced test is used in only 10% of schools in the United States and is generally considered to be the “gold standard” in the world of high-achieving academic institutions. One of the primary benefits of the exam is its comprehensive measurement of critical thinking skills including analytical reasoning and quantitative analysis combined with the measurement of writing mechanics and writing concept and skills. The administration of the test online allows for it to be adaptive, adjusting to the student’s performance on particular questions. The CTP-Online also affords normed comparisons across national, suburban and independent private schools across the United States.

*The percentile rank compares a grade level’s performance on a test with the performance of a similar group of students who took the same test. It represents the percent of students who received scores lower than the Heritage Oak students. The Educational Records Bureau provides feedback in a different format for grades two and below. Please contact Heritage Oak for more details about results for these grades.