In a loving atmosphere, the preschool and pre-kindergarten children at Heritage Oak are challenged both academically and developmentally.  Nearly all academic subjects are taught in small groups by experienced and dedicated teachers that acknowledge the success of each child.  Good manners and positive social behaviors are modeled and encouraged each day.

In the preschool program, which begins at age 2.5 with the “Early Learners” class, academics are presented in fun and exciting ways through the daily activities.  Along with our strong language arts and math program, students are also exposed to science and social studies.  Large motor skills are developed through dance, outdoor games, organized activities, and play experiences.

Pre-k students, who are age 4, enjoy an interactive, academically advanced environment which prepares them for the transition to kindergarten. Specific instruction in French is added to the curriculum during the pre-kindergarten year.

One of the hallmarks of the preschool and pre-kindergarten programs at Heritage Oak is the emphasis on performing arts.  Each month, children prepare a song, poem, or skit which is performed on the school’s stage for parents.  This allows for children to build confidence and communication skills, which will be esssential for success as they grow.

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